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Updated January 15, 2024

Thank You for Supporting the Arts

Thank you so much for your generosity, and for partnering with us in the essential work of the arts.

Thank you also to everyone who anonymously dropped some cash into our donation jar or bucket at our live shows, or in our raise the roof campaign. If we didn’t have your name, it won’t appear here (or your full total doesn’t reflect these extra gifts), but your contributions are just as needed and appreciated. Please let us know if your name is missing or needs to be corrected.

Donors are a valued part of the Open Book family, and your support helps provide professional productions in the Downriver area. Sponsors always have the option to remain anonymous if they choose. Open Book Theatre Company is a 501(c) (3) not for profit. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Want to join our Donors? Learn more here!

We’re proud and grateful to have received an operational grant from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for Fiscal Year 24, as well as a capital improvement grant to upgrade our lighting and sound equipment. These grants require that we match it with donations from patrons and local businesses. Your gifts to Open Book support the work we do, help us increase our impact in the community, as well as meet our grant requirements. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and well used. Thank you!

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Special Thanks to Organizations Providing Grants

We'd like to especially thank these organizations for providing through grant programs


Sponsorship Levels

Foundational Support


Michigan NonProfit Association
Michigan Arts and Culture Council
National Endowment for the Arts
The Shubert Foundation



Anonymous – Sponsor for Grand Concourse
Duane and Judie Schafer

Become a Sponsor


Standing Ovation


Trenton Rotary Foundation
John and Nancy Colina
Mark and Linda Rabin Hammell
Linda Miller In memory of Tim Duperron, who appeared in Wyandotte musicals many years ago, and loved OBTC



Steve and Kathy Benton
Erica and Laurent Chappuis
Richard and Connie Cowper
Steve and Wendy Hiller
Jay and Jennifer Jolliffe
Laura & Martin Kohn
Ed and Kathye Quirk
Kathleen Rankin
Earl and Sandy Schafer
Ron Brausch & Pat Selby
Dr. Pat and Julie Sweeny



Jerry and Shonnie Allen
Norma Bowles - In honor of the super delightful, talented and generous Ms. Krista Schafer!
Linda and Todd Cleaver
Wes and Barb Grose
Matthew & Susan Hurst
Bill Jasman
Donald and Gail Martin
Teresa Powell
LeeAnn Shade



Amy Bishop
Cynthia Brody
Alejna Brugos
Rebecca Clarke
Cara Joy David
Steve DeBruyne
Leslie DeSilva
Gene Dickirson
Tom and Linda Dickman
Colleen Dolan-Greene
Ron Gacioch
Rod & Nina Barlow Glover
Kay Ikola
Christine Jakubek
Elizabeth and Peter Kantz
Barb Klemans
Claudia Kovac
Robert Leski
Nykiel Law, Edward J. Nykiel Attorney & Counselor
The Joes
Robert & Teresa Pollock
Peter Poulos
Dan and Pam Sanquist
Kez Settle
Krista Schafer
Harold Summers
Mo Yang
Pat Zavadil



John Allen
Ellen Andrews
Carol Barrett
Tony Antonellis & Lynne Beckett
Margaret Berger
Marj Bolgos
Loretta Bullock
Maureen Callahan
Jan Cartwright
Ann Cassidy
Chris & Erin Chapman
Susan Charron
MarySue Coatsworth
Harriet Cole
Amy Cole
Bryan & Holly Conroy
Krystle Dellihue
The Dinwiddie's
Deb & Matt Ellsworth
The Rev. John and Sherry Ferne
Adriane Galea
Maggie and Dave Gilkes
Ruth Grayson
Brian & Katie Hartwell
Jenna Hinton
David & Karin Hiske
Patty Hoyt
Forest Hudson
Phil Hughes
Susan and Art Hughes
Jennifer Klunge
The Krenitskys
Erika Kwan
Heather Laskos
Amy Lauter
Tarring Lim
Lauren London
Kathleen Lusk
Bruce and Dorene Markwardt
Sonja Marquis
V Martin
Jodi McGrew
Denise McNamara
Lauren Montgomery
Mark Olson
Maureen Paraventi
Beth and Paul Primeau
Shelly Reichlin
Sarah & Jeremy Rusk
Lisa Rutledge
Lynne Salow
Madelyn Sarich
Jason and Mitzie Schafer
Jennifer and Todd Schafer
Samantha Silva
Angeline Sliker
Cindi Smith
Mary and Nick Szczerba
Jeannine Thompson
Peggy Tucker
Diana Turner
Monica Ulczynski
Roberta Urbani & John Leon
Connie & Don Weir
Pat Wenger
Annabelle Young
Cheryl and Martin Zemke



Rachel & Robert Arbaugh
Donna Auger-DeVoe
Grace Baclawski
Kenneth Caldwell
Donna Decker
Lea Ellwood-Filkins & Brother John Brendan
Anders Engnell
Maya Gangadharan
Virginia Lee
Marie Lorincz
Angelo Marotta
Brendan Martin
Jeffrey Miller
Steven Nowsakowki
Derek Odoms
Dominic & Elizabeth Palazzolo
Maggie Zakem

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