Open Book Theatre Company, like most theatres, relies on volunteers to support our staff and artists and bring great theatre to our community!  Are you interested in volunteering?  Please fill out the form below.

Filling out the form does not obligate you to work on a certain area for a certain show.  It simply indicates that you are interested in helping in that area.  When we are looking for volunteers we will contact you to see if you are available and willing to help.  If you are unavailable when we call, we will try you another time.

Also, we don’t need volunteers in every area for every show.  If we don’t contact you sooner, we might contact you later.

And please don’t be shy about sharing your gifts with us.  You might have a specialized skill that we can use, but we might never have thought to ask!

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Please let us know of any special skills or interests you have that you could donate to help Open Book grow and thrive. Perhaps you have gifts in graphic design, web management, electric work, photography, or something we haven't even thought of! It takes a lot of time and talent to make any organization run.
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Thank you!